Offical Shout Subs, Kamen Rider Ryuki Soft subbed!

Here is all 50 episodes of Kamen Rider Ryuki in soft sub format timed and put onto the Bunny Hat Raws. For those who don’t know. when Amazon put Ryuki on Prime Video they put the subtitles as actual separate files so they could be ripped from there, though they had poor formatting. So I went in and formatted them into proper subs that fit nicely onto the BunnyHat raws. Episode 6 though had no subtitles so I used the Earthly script as a basis to transcribe it as well as using some stylings from it so thanks to him for that release.

Episode Final and the HBV have also been edited to match with the Shout release.

 Links are in the included Pastebin:

You have to fight if you want to survive!

Quick remux. All Together! Seven Kamen Riders!! 1080P

Here’s a quick release of the Kamen Rider Stronger Seven Kamen Rider specials in HD from Amazon from GuSTaVauM and subs from Bereke Scrubs. It’s only going to be in my misc Mega folder which I’ll link here, it’s a pretty big file but it’s there for those who want it.

 Link is in the included Pastebin labeled as Misc releases:

Kamen Rider DC releases! Ryuki & Faiz summer movies Web-DL

Here is some more Kamen Rider summer movies, this time it’s Ryuki Episode Final DC & Faiz Paradise Lost DC. Scripts are from Earthly and raws are from KRSentai.

There are two tracks for both movies, for Ryuki it’s for lyrics between the official release and the earthly release so go for whatever lyrics you like better. For Faiz the second track has transform replaced with honshin everybody’s favourite error!

 Links are in the included Pastebin:

Space Sherriff Shaider Movies 1&2 Now in HD!

Here’s both Shaider movies now in hd. I paid for gust to rip them from amazon and boy do they look great. Don’t ask me why Toei did new scans of the metal hero movies and only put them on amazon, but hey whatever it’s here now!.

Subs are from Metallic Fansubs Retimed to fit. Raws were provided by GuSTaVauM

Also to note I have a couple miscellaneous things I did that I’ve put in a folder that’s linked on my Releases Pastebin page so go check that out!

 Links are in the included Pastebin:

New Project! Himitsu Sentai Goranger proper remuxes.

Because the torrent on nyaa doesn’t have the subs properly retimed, I decided that i might as well do it. Here is the first 5 episodes of Goranger muxed properly onto the Blu-Ray Raws.

It will be updated somewhat frequently with more episodes so keep an eye out. Original Subs By Rampage Subs, Raws By BunnyHat. No changes have been made to the script.

The scripts are included for those who already have the raws. Links are in the included Pastebin:

Electric Crucifixion!

Kamen Rider Blade: Missing Ace DC Web-DL. Now in HD!

here’s a quick scrub of the KR Blade summer movie DC now in HD. the original script is from Turn Up Scrubs which was originally a scrub of the TVN subs. the terms and styles are from EXCITE Subs version of Kamen Rider Blade. Be warned this is peak Inoue Toshiki insanity.

Thanks to KRSentai for the new raw!

Links are in the included Pastebin:

More Inoue Bullshit now in HD!

Blue SWAT Remux! Rampage subs to DVD9 raw’s

Here is Blue SWAT Episodes 1-13 plus preview muxed onto the new bunny hat raws. no change’s have been made to all credit to Rampage Subs for their work and Bunny Hat for the raw’s

After i’m done subbing Ninja Captor in a year from now, if rampage hasn’t reappeared from their currently 2 and a half year coma and no one else pick’s this show up it will be my next project. if so then i’ll most likely redo these episodes then.

Links are in the included Pastebin:

A Solar Scrub! Solar Sentai Sun Vulcan.

here is a scrub of Solar Sentai Sun Vulcan using the Gao Soul Forever subs as a base. my goal here was to update it to match its kind of prequel Denziman so the font’s and stylings are taken from Berndadelta’s subs of that. the changes besides that are just changing Squadron to Sentai and changing the orientation of the name’s so it matches with the spoken dialouge.

It’s Timed to the All new Bunny Hat Raws so it’s the best this show has ever looked!

Included is episodes 1-50 plus the preview and a slight scrub of the pocket universe subs for the movie.

Links are in the included Pastebin:

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