Space Sherriff Shaider Movies 1&2 Now in HD!

Here’s both Shaider movies now in hd. I paid for gust to rip them from amazon and boy do they look great. Don’t ask me why Toei did new scans of the metal hero movies and only put them on amazon, but hey whatever it’s here now!.

Subs are from Metallic Fansubs Retimed to fit. Raws were provided by GuSTaVauM

Also to note I have a couple miscellaneous things I did that I’ve put in a folder that’s linked on my Releases Pastebin page so go check that out!

 Links are in the included Pastebin:

Blue SWAT Remux! Rampage subs to DVD9 raw’s

Here is Blue SWAT Episodes 1-13 plus preview muxed onto the new bunny hat raws. no change’s have been made to all credit to Rampage Subs for their work and Bunny Hat for the raw’s

After i’m done subbing Ninja Captor in a year from now, if rampage hasn’t reappeared from their currently 2 and a half year coma and no one else pick’s this show up it will be my next project. if so then i’ll most likely redo these episodes then.

Links are in the included Pastebin: