Ultra Fight (1971) Raw. Complete Series + Extras

Update: V2 Torrent has been released. For anyone who has the old torrent please replace episodes 51-99 with the new files from the new one.

Here’s a quick release of encodes I did with the Japanese Ultra Fight DVDs. It’s the complete series minus episode 45 as that used footage from Ultraseven episode 12 which has been banned. Also included is some extras that came on the set.

As far as I know this is first release of raws of this show anywhere so please enjoy this release.

Links are in the included Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/sX3E0XUC

Seven knows what you did

UPDATE: Ultraman Tiga BD Retime: Episodes 01-26 Torrent Release

Here’s a quick retime of Tiga to the Blu-Ray raws. This will be a script only release as the show currently has an official release and I don’t want to get in trouble, so please look into the text file in the mega for the links to the torrents.

06/2022 Update: I’ve finished up to the halfway point of Tiga. for ease of access I’ve put out torrents at the usual places.

The Script folder will be updated with more episodes in the future so please look forward to that.

 Link’s are in the included Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/3qsmU1DY

Yes Take Me Higher is the theme for
the Blu-Ray release.

Original Title:Ultraman Tiga Blu-Ray retimed episodes 1-5