Jack In! MegaMan NT Warrior Episodes 1-52 + Extras!

Here’s something I did for myself, MegaMan NT Warrior from the DVDs! This show is OOP and Capcom doesn’t seem to be itching to release it anytime soon so with the legacy collection coming soon I decided I’d take a crack at it. all episodes come from my personal DVDs that I’ve had for awhile though a couple were replacements for lost ones. As far as I’m aware, this is the first public torrent of the Dub released with DVD raws. Also included is the episodes that weren’t dubbed with subs from STE-Subs with my own personal encodes.

The shows dub masters haven’t aged well coming from DVD5 and some episodes having tons of checkerboarding but I did what I could to fix it. Both audio tracks are included with the primary track being the English audio with the Latin America Spanish dub being the secondary track. Finally I’ve included the Battle Network 4 trailer that was included on all 13 DVDs.

Links are in the included Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/i5nXUUxE

I couldn’t find any good image material so have a low hanging fruit