A Solar Scrub! Solar Sentai Sun Vulcan.

here is a scrub of Solar Sentai Sun Vulcan using the Gao Soul Forever subs as a base. my goal here was to update it to match its kind of prequel Denziman so the font’s and stylings are taken from Berndadelta’s subs of that. the changes besides that are just changing Squadron to Sentai and changing the orientation of the name’s so it matches with the spoken dialouge.

It’s Timed to the All new Bunny Hat Raws so it’s the best this show has ever looked!

Included is episodes 1-50 plus the preview and a slight scrub of the pocket universe subs for the movie.

Links are in the included Pastebin:https://pastebin.com/wE1kTg81

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Progress Post For Current Projects.

Translators Wanted! Contact Info.

Main Project:

Ninja Captor:

Timed: 7/43 Translated: 0/43

I’m still looking for translators for this project. this one is my main one so it needs to be done before I move on to anything else.

Planned Projects:

Blue Swat Episodes 14-51:

Timed: 0/51 Translated: 0/51

Episodes 1-13 already done by Rampage subs.

This is the project I’m planning on doing after ninja captor as it’s the only one without a sub group doing it currently. I’d be continuing off from where rampage left off so I’d start at episode 14 but I will scrub the first 13 episodes for consistency when I get to it.

This post will be continually updated with progress on them.