Progress Post For Current Projects.

Translators Wanted! Contact Info.

Main Project:

Ninja Captor:

Timed: 7/43 Translated: 0/43

I’m still looking for translators for this project. this one is my main one so it needs to be done before I move on to anything else.

Planned Projects:

Blue Swat Episodes 14-51:

Timed: 0/51 Translated: 0/51

Episodes 1-13 already done by Rampage subs.

This is the project I’m planning on doing after ninja captor as it’s the only one without a sub group doing it currently. I’d be continuing off from where rampage left off so I’d start at episode 14 but I will scrub the first 13 episodes for consistency when I get to it.

This post will be continually updated with progress on them.