Offical Shout Subs, Kamen Rider Ryuki Soft subbed!

Here is all 50 episodes of Kamen Rider Ryuki in soft sub format timed and put onto the Bunny Hat Raws. For those who don’t know. when Amazon put Ryuki on Prime Video they put the subtitles as actual separate files so they could be ripped from there, though they had poor formatting. So I went in and formatted them into proper subs that fit nicely onto the BunnyHat raws. Episode 6 though had no subtitles so I used the Earthly script as a basis to transcribe it as well as using some stylings from it so thanks to him for that release.

Episode Final and the HBV have also been edited to match with the Shout release.

 Links are in the included Pastebin:

You have to fight if you want to survive!

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